B.Inspired: Fun Farm At Sta. Elena 2019 Review

The Fun Farm at Sta. Elena was one of the highlights this summer! It was Mati and Hannah’s first time to visit, and it definitely won’t be our last. There was so much to do, and so many memories made!

Here are 5 reasons why we love The Fun Farm At Sta. Elena:

1. The Basics

Location & Opening Hours

I love going on places that are far enough to feel like we’re out of the city, but near enough that it won’t feel like you wasted the whole day in the car.

On a Saturday morning, it only took us 45 minutes to get there and around an hour drive going home. We used Waze and it correctly guided us to the Fun Farm gate inside the vast Sta. elena complex.

Tip : Short travel times are ideal when traveling with younger kids. As much as possible, we time the car rides with Hannah’s morning nap so she is refreshed (not cranky!) upon arrival.

Mati and Hannah were excited and enjoyed the car ride without burning all their energy in the car.

2. Value For Money

You Truly Get What You Pay For

For a P450 entrance fee (adults and kids over 3), you get to enjoy and experience the Fun Farm for three hours!

You don’t need to be a property owner or club member of the Sta. Elena Golf Club to get inside the Fun Farm.

Book Ahead – Slots are Limited!

I love that the management of the Fun Farm limits the number of people who can go per time slot (they have a morning and afternoon slot) Honestly, you can go to many other parks that charge much less, but I found that the 450 entrance fee was a great deal.

There were only five other families and we didn’t need to queue for long at all for attractions

3. Back To Nature, E-I-E-I-O

The Fun Farm is a huge space, but the carabao rides, horseback rides, and zipline were just a short walk away from each other.

Pregnant Friendly

I was about 21 weeks pregnant when we went and my OB advised to minimize walking since my cervix was shortened. Plus– a lot of benches to sit around, and I also joined the carabao cart ride with the kids!

4. Adventure and Milestones Abound!


We had to wait about 15 minutes before the kuyas arrived w the carabaos and horses (we got there at 9am sharp!), so the kids played in the see saw and cargo net climb first!


5. Whole Family Fun



Extra Tips:


For those bringing smaller siblings



Bring friends along! One of the reasons why Mati got motivated

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  1. What a wonderful and unique experience for the kids

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